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Modern Living Room

The fact that many homeowners the Upper Valley continue to work from home either on a part-time or full-time basis continues to change the way homes need to function and the way family members interact with their homes. Evidence of […]

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kitchen in newly constructed luxury home

If the kitchen is the epicenter of the home, then countertops are the epicenter of the kitchen. It’s where almost every kitchen activity begins and ends. Because countertops are one of the first things you see when you enter a […]

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Island Hoping

Modern Kitchen

Islands are the most requested feature of new kitchens by homeowners the Upper Valley and for good reason. Given the multifunctional role the kitchen plays, islands offer additional space for performing homework, working remotely, preparing meals, storing essentials and socializing. […]

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The Right White

kitchen in newly constructed luxury home

More than half of the homeowners the Upper Valley opt for a white palette when creating the kitchen of their dreams. White is a popular choice because of its neutrality, which allows for homeowners the Upper Valley to add pops […]

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Spick and Span


Questions that we ask homeowners the Upper Valley during the initial planning phases of designing a new dream kitchen include who will use the kitchen, how often and who will clean the space. If homeowners the Upper Valley are avid […]

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COVID’s Effect on Design Trends

Modern kitchen interior

Historically, significant economic changes have been followed by the emergence of new design trends. Following the Great Depression, design favored bright, bold colors, sexier silhouettes and fun elements. Coming out of the 2007-9 financial crises, we saw the advent of […]

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