Withstanding the Test of Time

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When homeowners in the Upper Valley make the decision to create a dream kitchen, they want to ensure that the design and the products selected can survive the test of time. While certain trends are hot right now such as brightly patterned backsplashes and green toned stone, they may not be so popular 10 years from now. Some of us can remember avocado-colored refrigerators. What features, materials, patterns, and design elements can withstand the test of time?

White will always be right. In fact, more than 50% of new kitchens for homeowners in the Upper Valley opt for a white color palette. White will never go out of style, nor will wood cabinets and finishes. We have seen a resurgence among homeowners in the Upper Valley gravitating to natural wood cabinetry and finishes. Wood adds a luxurious element to any kitchen and provides a soothing palette and calming vibe. Another reason we believe that wood cabinets and finishes will withstand the test of time is the ability that wood provides for homeowners in the Upper Valley to make distinct and personal design statements.

The multifunctional roles of today’s kitchens as office spaces, meeting spaces, cafes, and classrooms in addition to the place where meals are prepared, cooked, and eaten are expected to continue far into the future. Homeowners in the Upper Valley need their kitchens to be multifunctional and flexible. That’s why we expect open-floor plans to continue to be extremely popular and homeowners in the Upper Valley to gravitate toward facades and covers that integrate appliances and other traditional kitchen elements into cabinetry.

Because of the multiple roles demanded by new kitchens, we are seeing a growing trend of doubling the pleasure and doubling the fun. Homeowners in the Upper Valley are favoring dual islands that provide more space for entertaining, working, studying, and preparing meals. Homeowners who entertain frequently relish dual ovens, dual dishwashers, dual sinks, and two or more refrigerators.

Because homeowners in the Upper Valley are expected to continue to spend most of their time in their homes, they want an easy button for daily living. That’s why the trend of smart features in the kitchen will continue to grow. Voice activated faucets, smart appliances, and even touch open and close cabinetry make it easy and stress free to enjoy a kitchen.

We expect demand for pantries and scullery kitchens where homeowners in the Upper Valley can store food and prepare meals out of the sightlines of guests and families to continue to grow as well.

What are the design elements and features that you can add to your dream kitchen that will withstand the test of time? Give us a call at 603-448-9700 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 105 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH, and let us show you how to create a kitchen that will be the envy of the neighborhood for years to come.

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