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COVID’s Effect on Design Trends

Modern kitchen interior

Historically, significant economic changes have been followed by the emergence of new design trends. Following the Great Depression, design favored bright, bold colors, sexier silhouettes and fun elements. Coming out of the 2007-9 financial crises, we saw the advent of […]

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It’s A Family Affair

Family in Kitchen

COVID-19 has transformed the role and functionality of modern kitchens the Upper Valley. While the kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home, it now serves multiple roles that include classroom, office, hobby center, restaurant, study, game room […]

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Joy of the Kitchen

Overjoyed millennial couple

Modern and contemporary designs and motifs have increased among homeowners the Upper Valley. Modern design offers clean lines, open floor plans and a clutter-free pallet. They often feature natural materials such as stone, quartz and solid wood frameless cabinets. Color […]

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Questions and Answers

Speech bubbles

Questions homeowners the Upper Valley are asked about their kitchen, bath or other type of renovation project offer a window into the expertise and soul of the showroom and designer they are visiting. Be wary of designers/sales professionals who focus […]

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It’s A Natural

Modern asian style kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have soared in popularity among homeowners the Upper Valley. For many however, they are not practical. There may not be not sufficient space. The weather can create too many roadblocks, not to mention bugs. The great appeal of […]

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The Devil Is In The Details

Modern kitchen with black furniture and wooden floor

Professional designers understand and recognize that the little things make a huge difference to homeowners the Upper Valley that are creating kitchens of their dreams. That’s one of the most compelling reasons that homeowners the Upper Valley trust our designers […]

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