The Cabinet en-Counter offer a free design consultation for cabinetry to get ideas of what our clients are looking for, budgeting and pictures or designs from our clients that excite and inspire them. We assess a $750.00 fee for the drawing this includes an in-home measure and a colored 3D rendering of your potential space with one revision.

The time frame in which you will receive drawing is 3 weeks, unless notified otherwise. Further revisions of the cabinetry for your space will be charged at an hourly rate of $100 per hour.

If the client would like to move forward and purchase the cabinetry, the initial fee of $750 will be applied to the deposit of the cabinetry.

If the client would like to pick up the cabinetry at our warehouse, we charge a flat fee of $100 for our time to help you load the cabinetry.

Note: Our cabinetry prices do not include glass shelves, hardware, or installation.


A 50% deposit of the price of the cabinetry minus the initial fee of $750 is required to order.

Upon delivery of the cabinetry to our warehouse, we will notify the client and hold the cabinetry for 30 days. After the 30-day mark, we charge a 1% storage fee of the total price of the cabinetry order, to be invoiced each month, per month. This rate will not be prorated.

The final balance of the cabinetry is due at the time of scheduling delivery of the cabinetry. If our client would like to pick the cabinetry up at our warehouse, payment is due at the time of pick up.

Note: If our client’s job site is running behind after the cabinets are delivered, the cabinets need to be inspected within 30 days of delivery to our warehouse or client’s job site. In the instance any of the cabinetry is damaged, the Cabinet en-Counter can put in a warranty claim to get the cabinet(s) replaced at no charge to the client.

Once cabinets are installed all our cabinet companies require a full year of a warming and cooling cycle of the cabinets before warranty issues can be addressed.

The Countertop Process


  • Schedule an appointment and bring countertop layout and measurements.
    • The Cabinet en-Counter will come measure your countertops for you within a 20-minute radius of our showroom for a $75 fee.
    • Payable at the time of the measure in the form of a check
  • Choose any sample(s) you would like us to price.
    • To receive an accurate price, we will need to know:
      • Edge Profile
      • Unfinished/finished sides
      • Backsplash
      • If removal and/ or disposal of current countertop is needed
    • Once the estimate and materials are agreed upon a 50% deposit is required to secure the countertop material.


  • Before the template can happen, the customer must have their lower cabinets installed or made ready to take exact measurements.
  • At this time, the customer must have their sink, faucet, and cooktop on site.
    • If the customer purchases the sink from the fabricator, the fabricator will bring the sink with them at the time of installation.
    • The Cabinet en-Counter is not responsible for bringing the sink and faucet to job site.
  • Once the template is complete the Cabinet en-Counter will be able to provide the customer the final price of their countertop.

Note: Template to installation is a minimum of 10 days. Customer will be without a countertop and sink for this time.


  • The fabricators will need to get as close as possible to the point of entry for your countertops.
  • Please have the work area free of all obstruction and have all appliances removed from the work area to avoid any damage.
    • Customer will be charged extra for a difficult installation, determined by fabricator.
  • Please protect your floors with cardboard or plywood.
  • For safety reasons, pets and small children must be clear of the work area until we are complete.
  • The remaining 50% balance for the countertops on or before the day fabricator arrives.
  • The fabricators will mount the customer’s sink.
  • The fabricators will not make any onsite modifications to your cabinetry or plumbing if need.
    • If a second trip is needed because of the installation was not able to be completed the customer will be charged a second trip charge, determined by fabricator.

What to Expect

  • A standard countertop installation takes 2 – 3 hours.
  • Once complete, the Cabinet en-Counter asks a decision maker to sign off stating everything meets your approval.
    • The Cabinet en-Counter will not sign off on the countertop installation for the customer.
  • In some instances, the fabricator may have to return to install cut-to-size backsplash.
  • The Cabinet en-Counter recommends no one use or put anything on the countertops for at least 24 hours to allow the glues to dry and seams to set.
    • Trades can be scheduled for plumbing and appliance hook-ups after 24 hours has elapsed.

Note: The Cabinet en-Counter is not responsible nor will accept responsibility for damage of countertops during fabrication, transportation, delivery, or installation. The Cabinet en-Counter will not coordinate template, delivery or installation of a countertop purchased through a third party.

Design Services

  • Cabinet en-Counter will provide design services for a $100 per hour, not including the $750 design and measure fee.
  • The non-refundable $750 design and measure retainer allows you to have access to perspective views of the design in colored with no measurements.
    • Includes one set of revisions. Further rendering will be charged accordingly.
    • If you decide to place an order with us, the $750 design retainer will be applied towards your cabinet deposit.
  • If you need a design in 24 – 48 hours the Cabinet en-Counter has a non-refundable $1,500 “Head of The Line” fee.
    • Normal turnaround time for a design is 3 weeks.
    • This fee does not go towards your deposit if you decide to place an order.
  • Clients will be invoiced monthly until the completion of the Cabinet en-Counter design services.
    • Terms of invoice is due upon receipt.



At the Cabinet en-Counter, our customers total satisfaction is our top priority. Most returns can be avoided.  When deciding on your purchase, please follow these simple tips:

  • Carefully measure the area in which your appliance will be placed, as well as any doorways, hallways, and stairwells to ensure the appliance can be brought into the desired location.
  • It is equally important to know the correct color of the item, fuel type (electric, natural gas, or liquid propane) and voltage of the outlet that you will be using for the appliance prior to purchase.
    • Certain appliances require dedicated circuit breakers prior to installation, it is the customer’s responsibility to review all product manuals to ensure they meet the necessary requirements and specifications for all appliances.
  • Consumer is responsible for all hardwired connections, this includes:
    • Gas lines
    • Plumbing
    • Built in electrical
    • Existing venting & ducts
    • Extending drain & fill hoses beyond manufacturer’s length 
  • Carefully review any information to be submitted by a Contractor / Builder on your behalf for accuracy, prior to submission to our Sales staff for purchase, as the Cabinet en-Counter will not assume responsibility for any incorrect items ordered.
  • Be sure to review your invoice/receipt for accuracy. Make sure the delivery address, contact information and model numbers are correct, alert us immediately of any inaccuracies prior to delivery. 

Note: We will not accept responsibility for damage to any pre-existing old or corroded pipes, faulty connections, plumbing or venting not done to code. You may be asked to obtain a licensed electrician or plumber.  We reserve the right to refuse installation of any product for refund of installation costs when applicable.


Our merchandise is not kept in stock at our warehouse and is being ordered specifically for you. All special and custom items cannot be cancelled, returned, or refunded. A 50% deposit of the appliance(s) is due before the order will be placed. A special or custom order require a 75% deposit of the appliance(s) due before the order is placed.

Note: Due to the nature of special and custom orders, the timeframes the Cabinet en-Counter estimates are only estimates and actual shipping times may vary.

Payment & Refund Policy

The final payment of the product(s) will be paid in full at the time of scheduling a delivery date. If the customer is going to pay by cash or check, the customer is required to give the cash or check to a Cabinet en-Counter associate before the product(s) are unloaded.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Deposits / Payments

Will lock in your purchase prices for up to 3 months at the time of creation of an estimate.  We reserve the right to charge the difference in price that we may incur from the manufacturer on any order left with us for 3 months or more.  If a payment with a check bounces, a fee of $35 will be assessed. Orders requiring a split or partial delivery will incur a minimum of $50 charge for redelivery per request.


No cash refunds.  All refunds are processed back to the original form of payment. For credit card refunds please allow 3-5 business days.  Refunds by check take 1-2 weeks to process and mail.  Orders cancelled after 72 hours will be refunded in the form of store credit only, please refer to our cancellation policy listed under “Cancelling Your Order” for additional information.

Cancelling Your Order

You have the right to cancel your order within 72 hours of order placement for a full refund.  Orders cannot be cancelled via phone call or voicemail.  All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing via email to If you wish to cancel an order after the product(s) have shipped, but have not yet been delivered, you will be charged a 25% cancellation/restocking fee per item.

Note: Orders for special products, custom products, floor models & clearance merchandise are non-cancellable & deposits are non-refundable; ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


The Cabinet en-Counter will store our appliances for the client up to 30 days for free once the entire order has been received. The Cabinet en-Counter will notify the client when their entire order has been received. After the 30-day mark, we will charge the client 2% of the total price of the appliances purchased each month, per month. This fee will not be prorated.

Delivery & Installations

It is our shared goal to deliver your order in a professional and courteous manner right to your home.

Please provide any specifications of entry and delivery pathway to your home, such as number of stairs/flights, width of doorways. We ask to make sure the pathway into the customer’s home is free and clear of anything that may inhibit the efficiency of the delivery and installation, such as rugs, desks, tables, chairs, and wall décor. We estimate a specific amount of time to perform a delivery represented in the delivery and installation fee. If complications of the delivery or installation arise an additional charge may be applied for exceeding the allotted time of delivery and installation.

Merchandise Pick-up

Merchandise pick-ups are available to consumers during the Cabinet en-Counter hours of operation at our warehouse. Consumer must fully inspect and sign for all product(s) at the time of pick up, once taken, the Cabinet en-Counter will not accept any responsibility for damaged product(s).

Acceptance of Merchandise

We require that ALL product(s) be thoroughly inspected before accepting and signing for them. Be sure to peel back all plastic coverings & inspect both the internal and external condition of the product as concealed damage can exist even though the packaging is intact for a tailgate delivery.

The consumer and their agents acting on their behalf (Builder/Contractors/Handymen or anyone else working at your home at the time of delivery) signing for the order are responsible for thoroughly checking the condition of all products received as stated above, even if you are planning on setting up or installing the appliances at a later date. Anyone accepting merchandise on your behalf is bound by all the terms and conditions of our policies as listed on this website.  If you observe any damage to the merchandise, refuse the delivery of the product and note the reasons for refusal on the copy of the customer’s invoice.

The Cabinet en-Counter will not assume responsibility for any damages discovered after product(s) are signed for and accepted by the purchaser or agents signing on their behalf. Please contact the Cabinet en-Counter immediately at 603-448-9700 or e-mail us at if you require additional assistance.

Please know that accidents though rare can sometimes occur during the delivery process, please note any damages to your home or personal property. The Cabinet en-Counter will ask you to provide pictures of the damages, as well as estimates for repair and reimbursement for their review.  Please feel free to contact at 603-448-9700 or e-mail us at

If you require additional assistance and we will be happy to provide our support.

Defective Merchandise

All products offered by the Cabinet en-Counter include a full 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty. Please review your products manual for use and care instructions as well as complete warranty details and contact information.

The product manufacturer is solely responsible for all defective merchandise, claims and warranties of all appliances for a minimum of 1 year (see product manual). If you receive a product that is functionally defective upon first use, please contact the phone number associated with the brand manufacturer.  Manufacturer’s websites can be found online and provide contact information and easy appointment set up directly with their factory authorized technicians. Any requests for repairs or replacements must be addressed directly with the manufacturer.  If you have any trouble obtaining their assistance with your product, contact the Cabinet en-Counter or e-mail us at

Note: Manufacturer’s warranty is invalid on any residential product installed for commercial use or sold to another retailer for resale. All product warranties are valid within the continental United States only and are rendered null and void if the product is transferred outside of the continental United States (i.e.: Canada, Hawaii, Mexico etc.).

Return Policy

Upon receipt of your product(s) please consider the following: Fully crated, factory sealed, unopened product(s) complete with original box, packaging materials, manuals and accessories may be returned or exchanged within 7 days of original delivery date only. A 25% restocking fee will be assessed to each appliance and the customer will be responsible for arranging the appliance to be returned in a similar manner as was originally received. Items must be in the exact condition in which you received them.

Seasonal items such as BBQ’s and Air Conditioners; are non-returnable once assembled or installed.  Please refer to the Manufacturer’s product warranty & our policy for “Defective Merchandise” for additional information.  Any refunds authorized by the manufacturer will be in the form of store credit only.

The Cabinet en-Counter will not be responsible or assist with shipping or damage claims on any product(s) transferred by the consumer to another location that is other than the original delivery address or beyond our sales territory.

Note: Appliances without the original packaging materials, manuals, and accessories, installed appliances, special or custom order items, floor models, clearance items, or if the warranty card or rebate forms have been submitted are not returnable.

Extended Warranty Service Plans

An Extended Warranty Plan can be purchased with your product when the customer registers the appliance with the manufacturer.  Please allow 7 days after delivery for the registration to be completed.  If the product is registered, the product cannot be returned.

Note: During the first year your appliance is fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or any additional years stated by the manufacturer.

Mail-In Rebates

The consumer is solely responsible for filling out all applicable rebate forms and submitting them as per the terms, conditions & deadlines listed on the rebate form. Keep copies of all submissions for your records. If issues arise regarding payment of rebates or the amount received, you will need to contact the rebate company listed on the form directly to resolve.  Most rebates take 12-16 weeks for the rebate companies to process.  To locate your rebates, please type your model number in the search field on our website, click on the product, then scroll down and click on to the Rebate Tab, then click and print the rebates that apply to your purchase.

Website Errors

The Cabinet en-Counter makes every effort to ensure that the information on website is accurate, complete, and current. Despite our best efforts, there may be instances when information about a product contains inaccurate or incomplete data, including data about the product’s price, availability, or description.  The Cabinet en-Counter makes no warranty or guarantee that the information on website is error-free, complete, or current. We reserve the right to correct errors and/or update the content on website at any time without notice. Cabinet en-Counter also reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order containing any error or inaccuracy, including after the order has been submitted, even if the order has been confirmed.


Customers agree to the terms published when they place an order with the Cabinet en-Counter. Customer authorizes their credit card company to abide by these terms. The Cabinet en-Counter reserves the right to cancel orders at any time.  All orders are considered purchased in the state of New Hampshire. All disputes or lawsuits will abide by the State of New Hampshire’s legal system; we reserve the right to go to arbitration to handle all legal actions and to recover all expenses via counter claim.

The Cabinet en-Counter reserves the right to refuse all returns. At the Cabinet en-Counter customers are our most important asset and any information obtained online is kept protected by a variety of security measures we have implemented. We will never sell, share, or distribute any of our client’s information to third parties not associated with our company, this does not include trusted third parties who assist us with our website, business or servicing you.  Your information will be used to process all transactions related to your order.