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Creating A Dream Laundry Room

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Many homeowners in the Upper Valley continue to invest in their homes to make them more functional, enjoyable, and valuable.  The desire for a better home is particularly widespread among homeowners in the Upper Valley who are working part-time or […]

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Having No Regrets

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The five biggest regrets of homeowners who remodeled their kitchen, according to a CountryLiving survey, are not enough countertop space, not enough storage, poorly positioned cabinetry, not selecting better quality materials, and not enough power outlets. The good news for […]

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Cooking with Gas?

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Homeowners in the Upper Valley may have seen or heard of comments by Richard L. Trumka, Jr of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission about the potential health threats produced by gas ranges. Those comments went viral with fears that […]

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Get Inspired in 2023


Homeowners in the Upper Valley continue to dream and look for inspiration to make their homes the envy of the neighborhood. With many homeowners in the Upper Valley continuing to work partially from home, the role of the kitchen has […]

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