Color Trends that Can Make a Dream Kitchen

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Maison & Object is an international trade fair recently held in Paris that introduces the latest furnishings, accessories, textiles and tableware and often serves as a harbinger of styles, colors and textures that will find their way into new kitchens created for homeowners in the Upper Valley.

Green, purples, orange, beige, mauve and ocher were featured in new wallpapers introduced in Paris. Wallpaper is making a major comeback among interior designers and is likely to find a home in future kitchens for homeowners in the Upper Valley. It does not surprise us that green was another trending color in Paris as it has increased in popularity in kitchen design. Green cabinetry and tones in a new kitchen serve to bring a feeling of nature and the outdoors into the home. Green also is easy to match with other finishes and fixtures, providing the flexibility that most homeowners in the Upper Valley treasure.

Color blocking was another inspiring trend in Paris. Color blocking is the result of paring two or three totally different colors together to make a bold statement. Color blocking is easy to incorporate into a kitchen by contrasting cabinet colors and finishes with countertops and wall finishes. Many homeowners in the Upper Valley are attracted to color blocking pallets because it can make a kitchen appear taller if a lighter color is used on cabinets. Pops of contrasting colors also can create focal points when used on an island. Contrasting colors also serve to soften and warm white kitchen cabinets.

Use of bolder tones also found a welcomed place in Paris, reflecting a need to brighten spaces. Yellow can be used to bring in lots of light without overpowering a space. Bright orange, brick and burgundy also found their way into furniture, textiles and color schemes.

Light pink tones, beiges and blue also were popular colors. We have seen an increased demand to use contrasting colors by homeowners in the Upper Valley not only to help make unique and personal design statements, but to also bring a sense of excitement and energy to a new kitchen or bath. What trending colors would work best in the kitchen of your dreams? Give us a call at 603-448-9700 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 105 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH and let’s discuss the color pallet that best suits your new dream kitchen.

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