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Many homeowners the Upper Valley spend many hours researching different options, styles, colors, textures and products for the kitchen of their dreams. Thankfully, many homeowners the Upper Valley create idea books and save pictures of kitchens and products that they like. This information can make your customer journey a lot easier and less stressful and time consuming.

The style of cabinet door that homeowners the Upper Valley select for their dream kitchen sets the tone for the space and generates the vibe that determines how a kitchen will look and feel. Door options are almost unlimited depending on your style, taste and budget. The following guidance can help you determine the right door for your dream kitchen.

Door Types:

The two most common types of kitchen cabinet doors are overlay and inset.

Overlay cabinet doors come in full or partial overlay versions. Full overlay doors and drawers completely cover the face frame. When two overlay cabinets are viewed side-by-side, only a very small portion of the frame is visible, creating a nearly seamless and streamlined look.

Partial overlay doors and drawers partially cover the face frame and are typically associated with more traditional décor.

Inset doors fit inside the face frame. This type of cabinet construction gives a full view of the cabinet frame, with only minimal spacing or gaps between the cabinet components. Inset cabinetry offers clean lines, flush inset doors and features that can change the look of a standard cabinet with a full overlay door. With inset cabinets, you can personalize the design with either beaded or non-beaded inserts to create your own look and complement your home’s décor.

Cabinet Door Styles:

Shaker design is the most popular type of cabinet door for the Upper Valley. Clean lines that add depth and interest without being visually overpowering characterize Shaker doors. The most basic Shaker style is a five-piece door with a recessed center panel and no additional edge detailing.

Slab doors are simple and stylish. They are devoid of panels, molding or detailing to produce a clean minimalist look. Slab doors typically are made of wood or laminate.

Arched doors have a curve at the top that is either recessed or raised within the door panel. Cathedral arch doors have a medieval arch at the top. This style is almost always limited to wall hung cabinets.

Beaded cabinets are often associated with the cottage look feature decorative wood paneling with vertical grooves on the interior panel.

Glass inset cabinets feature a clear or frosted piece of glass that allows you to see the contents of the cabinet.

Mission-style cabinets are usually made from oak and stained to highlight the grain of the wood. They employ a square frame molding to produce a simple elegant style.

Thermafoil doors are molded from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) that are wrapped in a coating and then baked under extremely high heat to create an impervious seal. Thermafoil doors are extremely durable and budget friendly. This type of door only comes in solid colors or imitation wood grain.

Custom doors provide a blank pallet for homeowners the Upper Valley to create a unique design that is all their own.

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