A Planning Template for a Dream Kitchen

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Planning a dream kitchen is not something that most homeowners the Upper Valley do at the spur of a moment. Almost every one of our clients comes to our showroom after having spent considerable time researching different products, styles and options. Yet, we find that many homeowners the Upper Valley don’t know where to start. Our showroom is here to help.

Begin with the big picture. Determine how you want your kitchen to function, look and feel. What tasks will you and fellow family members do in your new kitchen? Are you or a member of your family a gourmet cook or do you approach meal preparation as a task? Will you want to kitchen to double as a classroom, office social hub or offer some other functionality? What is most important? What type of design statement do you want to make? What feeling do you want to experience every time you enter the kitchen after the renovation is completed? These are big picture questions that once answered help to provide a professional designer with a blueprint to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Answering these questions also helps to make other decisions easier and faster because you have identified the goals for the project and your family.

After establishing goals, determine where you want to splurge and possible opportunities for compromise. Investing in high quality cabinets, countertops, pantry and an island (space permitting) are wise and sound investments because they are the functional and aesthetic workhorses of a kitchen. You also may be attracted to smart appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Determine if you want to expand the current space to connect to outdoors or other rooms. If you decide to expand your existing space, recognize that this will add to your budget and timelines.

Another major consideration in creating a dream kitchen is storage and organization. The most common buyer’s remorse among homeowners the Upper Valley after they have completed their kitchens is not make additional investments in organizational tools and storage. A well-designed kitchen results in a well-organized kitchen.

Determine how involved you want to me in the creating and building of your new dream kitchen. Some homeowners the Upper Valley want to receive daily updates of their project and others are happy with weekly progress reports. Let your designer know what you want to be involved with and how often.

Once you have answered the big picture questions, you can dive selecting products which is often the most enjoyable aspect of a renovation.

If you have questions or would like additional guidance to help in the planning of your new kitchen, please call our showroom at 603-448-9700 or make an appointment to visit us at 105 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH.

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