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The fact that many homeowners the Upper Valley continue to work from home either on a part-time or full-time basis continues to change the way homes need to function and the way family members interact with their homes. Evidence of the changing dynamic was ever present at the recently held 2021 London Design Festival. Some of the major trends that are affecting kitchens, baths and home remodels the Upper Valley include the following:

New kitchens and baths especially are being transformed into nurturing spaces. Comfort, ease of use, space for oneself to decompress were clearly evident in London. Many homeowners the Upper Valley are transforming their primary baths into personal refuges, featuring multifunctional showers, system tubs, steam baths, smart mirrors, toilets and lighting that provide a few minutes every day to wash away the stresses of the day. An in-home spa provides a space for you and your family to be embraced, warmed, focused and empowered.

Human-centric design is another trend that is prevalent among renovations taking place the Upper Valley that also was front and center at the London Design Festival. New kitchens in particular have to serve multiple roles that include classroom, office, lounge, and playground to name a few. New dream kitchens that we are designing for homeowners the Upper Valley account for the more casual nature that homes are used today.

Plants and greenery in new kitchens and bath also are on trend. Plants bring nature into the most used room in your home. Placing plants in your kitchen not only make your kitchen more attractive, they also can make the kitchen healthier. Plant increase both humidity and oxygen levels that make breathing easier. Plans also can remove toxins from the air, garbage cans and odorous foodstuffs and sharpen your focus. Plants are considered to make people more attentive.

We are seeing a gradual shift in color palette preferences. While white remains the dominate color in both new dream kitchens and primary baths, cool grays and blues that have been popular for some time are giving way to warmer shades of green and rich earthy tones that include coral and teal.

Sustainability was another hot design trend seen at the London Design Festival. We are also seeing an increase request for using sustainable materials among homeowners the Upper Valley. Sustainable kitchen materials provide environmental, social and economic benefits, while protecting the environment over the material’s life cycle – from raw materials to final disposal. Sustainable kitchen materials include reclaimed timber, birch plywood, bamboo, linoleum and cork.

What current trends would work best in your new dream kitchen, bath or home renovation project? Give us a call at 603-448-9700 or make an appointment to visit us at 105 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH to discuss the possibilities and learn how you can turn your dreams into spaces that make you smile every time you cross the threshold.

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