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Questions homeowners the Upper Valley are asked about their kitchen, bath or other type of renovation project offer a window into the expertise and soul of the showroom and designer they are visiting. Be wary of designers/sales professionals who focus on selling instead of initially trying to determine the goals you want to achieve. We know that many homeowners the Upper Valley wants to have a new kitchen that better serves their needs and those of their family and also reflect their distinct style. We also know that’s now enough. A new space in your home should make you smile every time your enter. When we interview prospective clients the Upper Valley, we want to know the why behind the project, the motivation, how a new kitchen or bath not only should look and function but how that space should make you feel.

We approach initial meetings with homeowners the Upper Valley as a mutual information gathering session and not a sales pitch. Our goal is to gather a sufficient amount of information about you and your lifestyle that will enable us to look through your lens so that we better understand your world view. We want to know who uses your kitchen, how often and for what purposes. We not only want to know what you prefer; we also want to know what you don’t like and why. Our goal is to make an emotional connection so that we can develop design and product recommendations that reflect your lifestyle and personality. That can’t be accomplished if the primary conversation is about what the showroom has to offer. It has to be all about what the customer wants.

To help designers look through your unique lens, we encourage homeowners the Upper Valley to create and image share boards on Pinterest and Houzz so there is a common understanding of products and styles that homeowners the Upper Valley are attracted to. We want to know what you currently like and dislike about your existing kitchen or bath and the reasons for those feelings.

There are also practical questions that need to be answered such as how much effort do you want to put into maintaining and cleaning your new kitchen. This helps us to not only recommend color options but also to suggest surface materials, cabinet styles and finishes that meet the practical and operational needs of homeowners the Upper Valley.

The only dumb question is the one that is not asked. When you are interviewing designers and showrooms, listen carefully to the questions that you are asked. You should feel that the designer is more interested in getting to know you and your family, your style, your quirks and your likes and dislikes. The questions should focus all about you and not them.

Let’s have a conversation about how you want your new dream kitchen to look, function and feel. Give us a call at 603-448-9700 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 105 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH.

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