A Rainbow of Opportunities: Cabinet Color Trends

Cec C E B Ea F Dae

Although more than 50% of the kitchens renovated the Upper Valley opt for a white palate, we are starting to see bolder color statements making their way into dream kitchens the Upper Valley. Perhaps, the desire to make bolder statements is in response to the turmoil of last year. Homeowners the Upper Valley are gravitating to a range of colors for their new kitchens that include two different tones, natural neutrals such as greige, gray and oak, palettes dominated by warm earth tones such as oranges and intense shades of navy blue.

Several of the colors we see trending in new kitchens include the following:


Green provides warmth and freshness simultaneously. Green is often associated with nature, renewal and youthfulness. Many homeowners the Upper Valley like the versatility that green cabinets provide. Different green tones that have been well receive include mint, sage, and two green tones pairing mint with forest green.

Subtle Blues

Homeowners the Upper Valley are gravitating to light color blues and cool blue and gray tones. These colors can withstand the test of time because of their ability to complement warmer richer tones that can be incorporated in countertops, tile, metal finishes and backsplashes.


Black and white kitchen are a classic combination. Using a black color palate is especially welcome in kitchens with lots of natural light.


Grey is another color that never goes out of style and also can withstand the test of time. Grey is often preferred by homeowners in the Upper Valley who don’t want a white kitchen. Similar to white, grey is a neutral tone that is more discreet. Gray kitchen cabinets offer flexibility and versatility when mixing and combining accessories. Like white, gray works as a perfect backdrop for pops of color, either in warm or cold tones such as yellow, red, orange, etc. to brighten the room.

Gray kitchen cabinets also provide an elegant and sophisticated look for modern kitchens. Combining gray cabinets with black and white quartz countertops offers a canvas that highlights other accessories and adds depth when combined with other colors. Grey cabinets can highlight metal handles, stainless steel appliances or white walls.


Greige is the combination of gray and beige that provides an elegant feel to any new kitchen. It is often preferred by homeowners the Upper Valley who gravitate toward gray, but believe a gray palate is too cold. Greige cabinets combine elegance, sophistication and power of neutral colors. Because it can be combined with most colors and finishes, greige cabinets offer versatility and flexibility in terms of mixing and compatibility.

Dark Blue

Dark blue or navy blue is another important trend in the kitchen. One reason why dark or navy blue is selected for new kitchens is that when it comes to cooking, the color blue suppresses appetite. It offers a way to add a touch of color to the kitchen, without being too overwhelming or too boring. The navy blue kitchen cabinets are also soothing and stand out when paired with other neutral colors.

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