A Healthier Home Includes Filtered Water

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At a time when health and wellbeing are top-of-mind for most homeowners in the Upper Valley, a simple, cost-effective and proven technology for a healthier home and lifestyle is filtering water. Most families in the Upper Valley drink bottled water either regularly or often. Bottled water is costly and environmentally inefficient. More than 17 million barrels of oil are required to produce enough plastic water bottles to meet America’s annual demand for bottled water. There are better, more cost-effective and environmentally more efficient options.

Homeowners in the Upper Valley can cut their environmental footprint without sacrificing the benefits of bottled water by installing filters to the primary faucets in their home or opting for a whole home filtration system. Filtration faucets feature an under-sink filter connected to the cold-water line that filters the water before it is dispensed through a faucet.

A whole-house filter contributes to health and wellbeing in all activities that use water, including bathing, showering, clothes washing, dishwashing, floor cleaning, and cooking, among others. Other health and wellbeing benefits of filtered water include:

  • Chlorine is added to local water supplies to prevent water from being contaminated by germs and bacteria. However, chlorine is known to increase the risk of rectal, color and bladder cancer.
  • Removing chlorine makes water safer and taste better.
  • Removing lead, mercury, arsenic and other harmful substances from water that can cause stomach aches and other ailments. There are more than 2,100 known bacteria in drinking water.
  • Eliminating foul odors caused by treating water with chemicals.
  • Improves skin tone by removing harsh chemicals, making it easier to process water and keep skin hydrated.
  • Contributing to weight loss. Drinking lots of water reduces appetite and increases energy burn while resting.
  • Improving digestion.
  • Improving the taste of food, coffee and tea.
  • Improving dental hygiene.
  • Increasing energy levels.

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