Tips for Maintaining White Kitchens and Bathrooms

White kitchens are classics. White never goes out of style and offers the ultimate palette to create dynamic and head-turning spaces. The white kitchens we have designed for our clients bring smiles to their faces every time they use them. To help assure that your white kitchen stays in pristine condition, here is some guidance for maintenance:
White Surfaces
Use a sealer for white marble surfaces. Sealer is usually required to help prevent marble from staining and to prevent nicks. When you seal a marble surface in the kitchen or bath, it helps prevent watermarks and other stains from appearing on the marble. Many of our clients want their marble to shine. For them, we advise that they annually remove the sealer, polish the stone and then reseal. It will glisten for months.
How to Deal With Paint Nicks, Scratches and Marks
Invariably, white painted walls will be scratched or scuffed. While it is tempting to run to the paint can to fix the scratch, often that does not work because it is likely to leave a different color than the original paint. Instead, use a magic eraser sponge for marks on walls and doors. It won’t scratch, and you can use it on white and all colored paints.
Protecting Grout
People often use a toothbrush to clean grout, but toothbrushes won’t stop mold from appearing. We advise our clients to invest in a grout-cleaning rake (available at most home centers) that works much more effectively than a toothbrush. After cleaning grout, we recommend applying a silicone paste that will help prevent mold and marks.
Fantastic Floors
To keep your kitchen or bath floors spotless, vacuum them first and then use a sweeper or broom to clean. This can help assure that every crumb is removed and your floor shines.

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