Four Tips For Your Kitchen Remodel

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The process of remodeling your kitchen can feel a little overwhelming at times. Here are a few tips to help you get started:
Assess Your Current Space
Consider your reasons for a kitchen remodel. Do you want to improve the overall look, make the layout more functional, create more storage and better organization or increase the value of your home? Knowing your objectives will help you make informed decisions.
Create a Checklist and Idea File
A checklist will help you determine the priorities for your kitchen remodel before you even visit a showroom. Knowing what kind of design style you’re drawn to or what kind of storage solutions you will need will facilitate the planning process with your designer. Visit Pinterest and Houzz and thumb through magazines to create an idea file to use for inspiration in planning your new space. Make of note of what you like about the kitchens in your file to use as a reference point when describing your ideas to a designer.
Determine Your Budget
Setting a budget for your remodel is just as important as defining your vision for the space. Consider how much you will spend for various elements of the remodel. As a rule of thumb, in a typical kitchen emodeling project, cabinets account for about 40% of the project cost and countertops make up around 10%. Other key items to factor in include appliances, lighting and electrical work and wall coverings.
Visit A Showroom
Once you’ve determined your goals, explored design styles and considered your budget, it’s time to meet with a kitchen showroom like ours to look at cabinetry displays and speak with a kitchen designer. If you have already chosen wall colors, fabrics, flooring or other items take in images or actual samples with you when you meet with your designer. A professional will help you bring your vision to life and achieve your goals while keeping within in your budget.
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