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Whenever we have the opportunity to design a new kitchen, we work to accomplish two main goals for our clients. First, the kitchen must be functionally superior – the workspace must address our client’s needs, preferences, desires and budgets. Depending on the client’s goals, functional requirements that must be considered range from countertop space required for meal preparation to storage requirements for utensils, small appliances, cutlery, plates, cookware, food and everything in between.

Superb functionality is a given. Settle for nothing less. Aesthetics can elevate a kitchen from special to exceptional, and typically we begin developing the look, feel and aura of a new kitchen based on the client’s goals, style and vision. Creative use of materials and attention to details can make a space pop. Great designers create focal points in new kitchens that draw attention and wow. Focal points can be showstoppers and serve to anchor the space. They add interest and set the tone for the rest of the space.

When we work with a blank canvas, we have the freedom to suggest to clients an almost endless array of focal points. These can range from a dramatic range hood to unique island shapes. In some designs, especially among clients with a passion for cooking, a statement piece can be the cooking wall with high tech appliances and special finishes. For other projects, open shelving displaying unique ceramics, objects d’art and other keepsakes that are important to the client serve as great focal points and help define the space. The key is to recognize the opportunities for creating focal points in a given space. In some cases, using windows to stream natural light into a kitchen and provide a view of mother nature can serve as a dramatic focal point. Ideas for potential focal points in your new kitchen may include the following:

1, Custom ventilation hood
2, Cooking wall
3, Artwork
4, Cabinetry
5, Open shelving systems
6, Special panels for appliances, cabinets and pantries
7, Unique tile and backsplash materials
8, Unique countertops and countertop materials
9, Innovative use of color

In almost all of our designs, there are more than one focal point in the kitchen. If you would like to know how to create focal points that wow your friends and family, give us a call at 603-448-9700 or visit our showroom at 105 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH.

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