Living on the Edge

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Building a new kitchen involves a lot of decision making, from how the room will look and feel to the details that make all the difference. Selecting the edge for your countertop is one of those details that can make a huge difference, especially in smaller spaces the edge you select should match the style of your kitchen. Generally, speaking, the most common edges are:

Single Bevel

Single Bevel  1-bevel[1]

A single bevel is often specified for more modern designs. It is characterized by a clipped flat corner cut along the top at approximately a 45-degree angle. The flat design makes the edge easy to clean, but has sharp edges because the bottom edge comes to a point.



Bullnose edges complement any design motif. They are characterized by a smooth round edge that softens the countertop. Bullnose edged countertops do not have details, so they are easy to clean and do not have sharp edges, making them an attractive option for families with children in the house. A demi-bullnose is rounded on the top side, but features a sharper edge on the bottom. Because the top edge is rounded, demi-bullnose edges are also easy to clean and safe for kids. Bullnose edges are great option for raised bar tops and islands where the edge may be leaned upon while eating or used for other activities.


09A5175C-9795-8B73-D3DBD705215A6F79Eased Edge

Eased edges are commonplace in contemporary designs because they help soften the hard sharp edges found on laminate countertops. Eased edges also are commonly specified in kitchens with oddly shaped counters or countertops with strange angels. The edges are slightly more pointed.



Ogee edges are more detailed and commonly specified in traditional design motifs. Ogee edges typically have two curves and grooves. Cleaning is more difficult but the round shape eliminates the possibility of injuries caused by a sharp edge.
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