Tile Trends

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Tile can make unique and personal design statements. Tile is often the material of choice for backsplashes among our clients, and tile manufacturers have stepped up their game to provide products in bold new patterns, textures, colors and shapes. Here’s what’s trending in tile now:


Terracotta tiles add a natural rustic tone to kitchens and creates a warm comfortable feel. Terracotta comes in a variety of colors and tones and with glazed or matte finishes. Terracotta offers a similar shape and feel as subway tile but stands out for its subtle texture giving the appearance of a custom, high-quality design.

Botanical Motifs

Floral designs have been around as long as tile has been manufactured. Botanical is a new trend that reflects a recent focus on health and wellness and tropical modernism.

Deconstructed tile breakdown then reconfigure the shapes that move beyond traditional rectangular format of tiles.

Earth Tones
Drawing inspiration from natural elements, earth tone color schemes include sandy browns, clay and dirt; forest; moss; grass-like greens and gold tones mimicking the sun. Shades of blue tile that evoke the feel of the ocean also are on trend.

Cultural Inspirations
Thanks to advances in digital printing, manufacturers are producing ceramic slabs and tile that resemble oriental carpets and offer motifs more common to India, the Balkins, Greece, France and Italy.

Innovative Marriages
New tiles fuse materials, looks and themes that results in a surreal imaginative interpretation of tile and a new blank palette for design. An example of this type of tile is a marble design fused with metallic veins to create a unique appearance.

Tiles that offer the look and feel of hand-painted patterns, sketches and illustrations along with marble effects and watercolor designs are trending.

Pastel Colors
Shades of blush, lavender, sea green and pale yellow can be found in numerous types of floor and wall tiles. Pastel tiles create a light, soft calming..

There are dozens of tile offerings ranging from cement to epoxy terrazzo, traditional to modern colors and glossy to matte finishes. Unlike natural terrazzo, ceramic tile versions will not become slippery or fade when used outdoors. Plus, ceramic tile that resembles Terrazzo offers a more durable, versatile and cost-effective alternative without compromising the aesthetic.

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